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Night Vision Wireless Color Weatherproof Security Camera NTSC
Night Vision Wireless Color Weatherproof Security Camera NTSC
This camera is weatherproof with a sturdy alloy shell for outdoor use. It has built-in infra-Red LED 12x.
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Product Description

NTSC Night Vision Wireless Weatherproof Security CCTV Camera

You can also Check out the youtube link below:


This NTSC camera has high quality color CMOS sensor for crisp clear images. When there is visible light the camera will display images in full color and the night vision will kick in when visibility is low. The camera is not very large and can be placed almost anywhere it is very discreet. Conveniently viewable on your computer or television, this camera can record to any device with a video input and recording capabilities.

This camera is weatherproof with a sturdy alloy shell for outdoor use. It has built-in infra-Red LED (12x): For color pictures during the day and black and white at night. It has a long operational range of up to about 300 ft. line-of-sight or 98ft through obstructions (walls/ceilings). A universal swivel base is included for your convenience for easy mounting to walls or ceilings.


6 Month Warranty


    Electric power:  DC 8V  
    Output power:  50mW - 200mW                        

    Video input: 1.5VP-P (Max.)                         

    Power consumption current:  150mA                         

    Audio input:  2VP-P (Max.)                         

    Effective range (no obstacles): 50m - 150m                         

   Operating Temperature:  -20 to 60 degrees Celsius                               

   Operating Humidity:  85% RH


CMOS Nightvision Camera (12x IR LED)
   Image Sensor: 1/3 inch CMOS

   CMOS Total Pixels:  628x582

   Sync System:  Internal

   Minimum Illumination: 0Lux @F1.2 (IR ON)

  Resolution: 380 TV Line              

  Lens focus: 6.0mm

  Effective picture element: PAL (628x582)  NTSC (510x492)

  Scan frequency:  PAL/CCIR: 50Hz   NTSC/EIA: 60Hz

  Output standard: CCIR/EIA (PAL/NTSC)

  White Balance Mode: AWB (Zero color rolling)

  Gain Control: AGC

  S/N Ratio:  48dB(Min)/60dB(TYP)(AGC OFF)

  Electronic Shutter:  1/50 - 1/10,000sec

  Gamma Correction: 0.45

  Illumination Distance: 7-10 meters






Image pickup: 1/3


Definition: 380 TV Lines

Transmission distance without blocking: 50m-100m

Easy installation

Viewable on your monitor and television

Color day video

Black and white night video


UPC CODE: 859456002324

Reviews (1)
Name : Bryant
Location :
Title :
Review : Great use for my small company that I own to surveillance suspicious activity.

Questions (19)
How many cameras will the transmitter connect to and is that the only style camera it will hook to

Max is 4 cameras.

If my gate is app 150’ from front door and plug the receiver into smart tv and have the camera that far away and still work? Then can the outside camera be attached to existing key pad or post? Will direct sun hurt it? It can get up to 110* in summer. I do have regular plug at gate that it can be plugged into if it has a two or three prong plug.

Max range is around 500 feet. As long as your smart tv has the a/v inputs it will display. The camera is attached to a small stand which allows for mounting. It can survive those temperatures. Standard North America 2 prong

I need a camera for the inside of my barn. The barn is about 350' from my house & is metal. Do you offer anything that could work in those situations?

These max out at around 325 feet without obstacles. We don't carry any longer range cameras unfortunately.

Does it pick up sounds


How close does the receiver have to be to the tv? What wiring would I need to run inside and to the tv?

The receiver comes with a cable 3 or 4 ft, which plugs into the TV. You need to have an RCA jack on your TV to be able to plug the receiver to your TV.

How can the camera be wireless if it needs to be plugged into an outlet? I assume the transmitter in the house needs to be plugged into a outlet?

It can either be plugged into an outlet or a 9V battery.

Can I put the camera on my Quadcopter and still fly around within a hundred feet will it receive the pictures?

Yes, you should be able to.

Do you have to use a battery? Or can you plug the camera and receiver into ac?

Hi, You can plug into Ac.

What electrical cords come with it? D.c. charger ?

It comes with the power cable for both the camera and receiver.

Does the camera work on batteries? Where I won't have to run wires or have an electrician put a plug outside.

Yes, it comes with a 9v battery adapter that connects to the camera.

1.-Does the camera has long cable to connect to powere (if not , you sell it? How long? ) 2.- do you sell a device for record?

we sell adapters not the long cable. We do not sell a recorder.

Do you have a outdoor camara that you could watch one hundred an twenty miles away that’s wireless and you don’t have to have internet


Once motion activated how long does it record? Will it automatically turn off when motion stops? How long will the 8 volt battery last before needing to change it?

the battery will last long but it depends on the amount of usage. Keep it mind it is a transmitter not a recorder.

Do you have to have internet to use this camara


How many days does this unit hold video recording and as long as I have a smart tv this unit will adapt to it?And I'm assuming there's a monitoring service or not?

it is a transmitter not a recorder. You must connect it to your memory device. Also, it depends on the smart TV whether it will adapt. Most users plug it in to a tape recorder.

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