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Dual Hepa Active Carbon Ozone UV Lamp model D
Dual Hepa Active Carbon Ozone UV Lamp model D
Ozonator Dual Hepa Active Carbon Filter,UV Lamp Air Purifier With Remote Control, Covers up to 1,200 Sq. ft. area
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Product Description

Ozonator Dual HEPA and Active Carbon Filter Air Purifier with Remote Control (D)


*Does not meet CA requirements.
​ *Cannot ship to state of CA.


This air filter covers up to 1200 square feet area and the washable filters can help in catching the pollutants of air very effectively.  For collecting dust, the power of two fan speed is used with silicon and rubber tube for better operation. The contaminants can be gathered easily and the large particles are also captured in the washable filters which would otherwise aggravate the breathing process.

The outputs are additionally characterized by ozone diffusers along with the silicon rubber tube for better purification. This model can be used for purifying the air in offices, bedrooms, clubs and hotels as well. It can be placed on a desktop. The device is powerful as it has got versatile functions to work on. The dust collection power has got a high level of effectiveness with two fan speed. It likewise helps in eliminating the airborne odor.           
There are so many functions which are attributed to the dual heap carbon air purifier as it provides the users with a total solution of air purification. It also comes with an additional air pump accessory which outputs the ozone with the help of silicon rubber tube for purification of water or air. This unit kills germs, bacteria, viruses, gets rid of smoke odor, dander, pollen and others.