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Extra Large Photo Studio Box Portable Web Light Kit
Extra Large Photo Studio Box Portable Web Light Kit
Extra Large Auctions Product Photo Shooting Web Design or Photography.This kit contains everything needed to take professional studio quality images.
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Product Description

Extra Large Photo Studio Box Portable Web Light Kit For Photography

Xtra Large Photo Studio Box Portable Web Light Kit For Photography



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This kit contains everything needed to take professional studio quality images, soft lighting diffusion box, lights, backgrounds & camera stand, all in one package which can be carried any where.

This is the best solution for taking professional photos of items which you want to sell in an online auction or display on your web site, for making your own catalogs, or if you specialize in photographing miniatures and models.

You will no longer have any shadows or any unwanted background in your pictures when you use the photo studio.





• Set up size: 24 x 24 x 24 inches

• Size: 46 inches in Length x 24 inches Width

• Two, studio quality, high output 5400K

• Retractable legs allow for hand held use.

• 8 inch height with 8 ft. power cord.

• 110v/50w, UL listed

• Neck height ranges from 10-inches with extension up to 18 inches



• Large Soft Light Box

• Four Backgrounds

• High Output Lights 5400 K

• Camera Stand

• Easy and quick install



UPC:  859456002478

Reviews (3)
Name : Anonymous
Location : Month(s)
Title : Everything you need for professional pictures
Review : Everything you need for professional pictures Best Photo Studio

Name : Anonymous
Location : Day(s)
Title : Awesome, portable, light
Review : Awesome, portable, light Johnathan

Name : Anonymous
Location :
Title :
Review : Perfect set up for small item photography light stands could be heavier xtra large photo studio review

Questions (2)
I bought this 24” photo box for small product photography. I was wondering if you can give me sone good hints... Lighting with the two lights doesn’t seem bright enough in my photos. I have to iron the wrinkles out of the drop white clothe Inside bit is there anything that you can tell me to take good pics with my iPhone and a macro lens for good quality for my web guy.?????

Hello, Here are a few suggestions we recommend for taking light box photos: 1. Light Bulbs: -Choose Bright , energy efficient light bulbs that are "full spectrum" and "daylight balanced". -Don't mix different kinds of light-bulbs. Choose one kind, and stick with it. 2. Lighting: -Place your subject carefully inside the tent, and start with it in the exact center. Moving your subject forward or backwards relative to the light can change the lighting and shadows. Experiment to get the look you want. You can also experiment with pointing the lights slightly at an angle, rather than straight on at the tent. Be sure to leave space between your subject and the walls, so that you can zoom in or position your camera to see only the backdrop and not any edges. -Consider the ambient lighting and adjust as needed. I have found very little difference between shooting midday in diffused indoor light and shooting at night with only the lights themselves for light. You do want to avoid direct sunlight shining in or at your tent, as it will be difficult to balance such a powerful light source.

Can I attach a Ipod touch to the camera holder or can I take it off the box?

Hello, Yes you can attach it and you can try taking it off the box. Its basically what way works for you. Thank you

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