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Ionic Electrostatic UV Carbon Filter Air Purifier Negative Ion
Ionic Electrostatic UV Carbon Filter Air Purifier Negative Ion
Ionic Electrostatic Carbon Filter UV Air Purifier With Negative Ion Generator is one of our latest model ionic tower air purifier with an ozone filter.
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Product Description

 Ionic Electrostatic Portable Room Air Purifier with UV Light,
Active Carbon Filter & Negative Ion Generator


  • Eradicate contaminants from air
  • Low energy consumption
  • Kills microorganisms by active oxygen
  • Remove moldy smells
  • Active carbon filter to remove odor
  • Negative ions output: 6 million ions/cm3
  • Ozone output less than 0.05 ppm,15mg/hour
  • UV irradiation intensity: 1000 uw/cm2(surface)
  • Decreased consumption of power 12v, 1A
  • Fan Speed: 3



  • E.S.P. Filtering Surface: 88,000mm. (o.33sqf)
  • E.S.P. Ozone Output Concentration<0.05ppm
  • UVC Wave Length: 253.7nm
  • UV Irradiation Intensity: 550pw/cm2 (30mm distance)
  • Noise Level: 45dB (Noise of ambient is 40dB)
  • Maximum Air Delivery of Air Inlet: 8m³/hr (4.7cfm)
  • Adapter with a voltage input of 110 to 220 V
  • Power with upper limit 12 W
  • Input 100-240 V AC ~ 50/60Hz
  • Size of 500 square feet
  • Height of 17 inches
  • Generates negative ions
  • Equipped with ozone filter
  • Outfitted with RoHS compliance
  • Net weight of 4.41 pounds
  • Length of 6.65 inches, width of 5.51 inches and height of 16.54 inches  

Electrostatic Ionic UV Carbon Filter Air Purifier Negative Ion Generator is the latest model of ionic tower air purifier. It is equipped with an ozone filter as well as activated carbon filter with an ultra violet light. This unit is considered to be perfect for homes and offices because it has a compact size. The filter is endowed with active oxygen which functions in removing odor and killing bacteria and germs which are present in air. Ozone output of the filters is as less as 0.05 parts per million which is best suited for cleaning and purification of odor in an area as large as 500 square foot. Ozone concentration which is provided per an hour is less than 15 mg. It consumes low power of only 15 watts. The device does not have any messy filters which need to be replaced. One only needs to wipe the blades. It is very easy to use because it does not have any difficult settings. There are high electrostatic plates in it which can be used to trap contaminants like dust, smoke particles and pollen.


UPC: 859456003383
SKU: ATL9902
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Name : Tom
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Review : Nice product very similar butter better design than the old 9908 air purifier.

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