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Rotating Activated Carbon Hepa Filter Negative Ion Dual Fan Air Purifier ATLS8

 by bahadori_m on 31 Oct 2022 |
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Rotating Activated Carbon Hepa Filter Negative Ion Dual Fan Air Purifier ATLS8

Hotels, homes, waiting rooms, offices and other locations are ideal for Atlas Dual Fan Rotating Air Purifier model ATLS8. The need for purified indoor air is becoming more and more important specially with dangours of germs, bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19 and Coronavirus. This 3-in-1 hepa filter air purifier helps in filtering all of the harmful pathogens as well as carbon-containing chemicals which are present in the air. The model of carbon purifier has been specifically designed to work effectively even in the areas where air filtration is excessively required. Large pollutants are likewise trapped in the washable pre-filter of this purifier with the use of negative ion generator technology. This model has the convinence of built-in timers as well with multiple settings. The timer can be set for 2, 4 and 8 hours depending upon your need



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