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April 2022

Atlas Car Ionizer Air Purifier

 by thealtasstore on 05 Apr 2022 |
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  This Atlas car ionizer air purifier is portable and freshens cars, trucks, boat, home and office. This Atlas car ionizer purifies the air, remove smoke, dust and bad smells. This Atlas car air purifier produces a large amount of negative ions (3.8 million/cc) and it has a strong smoke dispelling function.   Comes with a 1 year warranty! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE   Specifications: • Voltage: 12 V/DC • Power: 0.8w • Negative ion concentration 3,800,000 pcs/cm3 • Ozone Output: 3mg/h    • Working Temperature: -10c to 40c • Unit Size (L X W X H): 125 X90X33 (mm) • Unit Net Weight: 30 • Application area: car, home, office
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