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March 2021

Atlas 300A Air Purifier new Purchase

 by bahadori_m on 28 Mar 2021 |
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Congratulations on your purchase of The Atlas Store’s 300A Atlas air purifier! You have just taken the first step to enjoying the cleanest air possible for you and your household. There is no going back to the world of dirty air after this, so prepare yourselves. Today we will go through how to properly use your new purchase as well as any tips and tricks to keep it running optimally. Setting up your 300A Atlas Air Purifier When you first open up the packaging, you should have the air purifier unit itself, a bag containing the power cord, a small box containing the ozone plates, and an instructions manual. Take the air purifier out of the packaging and set it down near a power outlet. Remove the power cord from its packaging and plug it into the air purifier. Open up the box with the ozone plates and insert one ozone plate into each slot on the back of the air purifier unit. Finally, plug your air purifier into the outlet and you are done setting it up. It really is that easy. Running your Air Purifier We advise you to not use your air purifier while people are in the house because people have varying reactions to the effects of ozone. However, if you do decide to run it while people are home, run it on low first to gauge how you are affected by ozone. Running it on low is enough to purify your home or work space so do not worry about not being able to run it on a higher setting with people around. If you are too sensitive to it being run on low, run it with no oxygen and only the ionizer on when people are in the house. We recommend running your air purifier at low setting first even if there is no one home and adjusting based on those results. Maintaining your Air Purifier Regular maintenance of your air purifier is necessary to ensure optimal performance. Every month you need to clean the ozone plates. Make sure your Atlas 300A Air Purifier is turned off before slowly and carefully removing the two ozone plates from the back. Dampen a towel with water soap. Wring off any excessive water before wiping down the ozone plates. Be careful not to break any of the wires on the ozone plate. Completely dry off the ozone plates with another towel before inserting them back into the unit. We recommend replacing your ozone plates every 6 months to 2 years depending on how often you use your air purifier. If you run your air purifier often and at high settings, you will need to replace your ozone plates after 6 months. If you run it sparingly at low settings, your plates will be good for about 2 years.   If you have any further questions or need any further help, please do not hesitate to visit The Atlas Store or to give us a phone call at (888) 612 – 8527 or (888) 61- ATLAS.    

Atlas Sleek Professional multi-purpose Photo SLR laptop Backpack

 by bahadori_m on 12 Mar 2021 |
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Multi-purpose Travel Backpack Whether you're planning to spend a whole day capturing the scenic atmosphere of nature as a wildlife photographer, or you're going on hiking at the Grand Canyon, there's no denying the ecstatic feelings of having a bag to store all your essentials in one place. Once you've been able to pack all your essentials, you'll be lucky to store your snacks or drinks in the extra space. With Atlas Sleek Professional multi-purpose Photo SLR laptop Backpack, the problems of many backpacks not having enough features to suit carrying laptop, cameras, and photographic equipment, all in one place is eliminated. If you're looking for a good backpack with features that support keeping items like laptops, camera, and other items in the specific way you desire is highly possible. Atlas Sleek Professional multi-purpose Photo SLR laptop Backpack Without mincing words, Atlas Sleek Professional multi-purpose Photo SLR laptop Backpack is a uniquely constructed multi-purpose travel bag with a number of compartments to house various items, thus moving your luggage from one location to another with a great feeling of enthusiasm. Being a brand new multi-purpose backpack, Atlas Sleek Professional multi-purpose Photo SLR laptop Backpack is designed in such a way that you can easily pull or carry in on your back. Some of the items that can be conveniently housed in this backpack include DSLR 35mm video cameras, tablet PC, and other accessories such as flashes, tripods, and lenses. This backpack is also incredibly designed to employ a removable cart system that provides an easy transformation from a backpack. Indeed, Atlas Sleek Professional multi-purpose Photo SLR laptop Backpack has other unique features, such as the strap design, which allows you to switch between the left, right sling, or both. Visit our website for more information about this product.

Atlas Trolley Camera Backpack Rolling Sleek Professional Lightweight Two Column

 by bahadori_m on 12 Mar 2021 |
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Camera Backpacks Whether you’ve just developed an interest in using a camera, or you’re an amateur who only feels like using a camera while on a trip, or you’re a full-time photographer shooting stunning scenes every day, one of the foremost accessories that shouldn’t be absent from your list is a good quality camera backpack. You heard that, right? Camera backpacks play a significant role in making your entire photographic task easy and seamless, especially when you are going on a holiday. However, with countless numbers of different bags coupled with different incredible features, it could be a bit challenging and overwhelming to discover the perfect one for you. Why Camera Backpacks? Incredibly, there are lots of different bags you can purchase in the market. When choosing a camera bag, there are lots of questions you tend to ask yourself. Do I really need this camera backpack? What are the equipment I’ll be putting inside? What size of bag do I need? Do I need to always carry all my gears or only some selected kits? Finally, what’s my budget? Generally, backpacks are extremely comfortable and even more than regular bags. Each camera backpack features protective internal dividers, allowing you to have organized access to the items you’ve kept in there. Apart from that, it also has dividers and paddings, which keeps your camera and other items safe from scrapes or knocks. When it comes to choosing a camera backpack that offers optimum comfort, our Trolley Camera Backpack Rolling Sleek Professional Lightweight Two Column is your best bet. Trolley Camera Backpack Rolling Sleek Professional Lightweight Two Column Produced by Atlas, Trolley Camera Backpack Rolling Sleek Professional Lightweight Two Column is a redesigned professional backpack specifically designed to bring optimum comfortability to professionals, especially photographers. Some of the items you can keep in this backpack include your laptops or tablets, DSLR/35mm/ video cameras, and other accessories that’ll enhance your photography services. Trolley Camera Backpack Rolling Sleek Professional Lightweight Two Column has a unique design that employs a removable cart system, providing an easy and instant transformation from a rolling case to a backpack. With its wide stance as well as the roller blade wheels, Trolley Camera Backpack Rolling Sleek Professional Lightweight Two Column effortlessly transports all your photography gear to your destination. Some other items you can store in this backpack include the tripod mount, cameras, laptops, and other items. Without any iota of doubt, Atlas Trolley Camera Backpack Rolling Sleek Professional Lightweight Two Column is designed to provide extra comfort and durability. And that’s why you need to purchase one now. For further information, visit our website.  
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